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In today's fast-paced world, customers expect seamless experiences, diverse communication options, and convenient access to services. Our client, a leading Australian parcel delivery and logistics organisation, delivered over 2.7 billion items to 12.6 million delivery points across Australia and more than 200 countries worldwide in 2022 alone. They recognised the need to adapt to these evolving customer expectations and sought to expedite parcel processing and utilise real-time analytics for faster deliveries.

"With near real-time data analytics, we can free up valuable resources, act quicker and provide better service to the millions of Australians that rely on us every day."


Our senior Unicorn led the design and delivery of the multi-year Enterprise Data Analytics Platform (EDAP) programme, a flagship project for Google in the region, featuring several global firsts. 

With over 15 years of historical data to migrate to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our client required a scalable, automated data ingestion pipeline using GCP hosted SaaS and PaaS services, enabling multiple internal teams to perform data analytics and data science use cases. 

UnicornX provided Google Cloud technical expertise, supporting the client's Information Management team with technical guidance, oversight, software development, and quality assurance for data ingestion pipeline components.


The comprehensive solution included:

  • Implementation of one of the largest Google Cloud instances in the Asia Pacific region.
  • An iRAP, ISMS, ISO 27001 and Essential Eight compliant Data Platform.
  • A new data warehouse in BigQuery, including a secured data pipeline with custom data ingestion patterns.
  • Migrated on-premise SAP BW data warehouse into GCP – including per transaction data modelling.
  • Implemented a continuous data stream service from SAP EMS and network IoT devices into BigQuery with sub-30-second latency – a world first!
  • Integrated advanced analytics, AI and ML services.
  • Integrated and reengineered BI and Performance Reporting services.
  • Integrated and automated usage-based chargeback model, cost management and forecast control processes.
  • Integrated operational and technology support processes, data governance frameworks and Data Sciences working groups.


Thanks to the EDAP data ingestion pipeline, our client successfully ingested billions of historical records in hours with minimal cost, and the pipeline is now used for continuous batch and micro-batch data ingestion for a growing number of network and operational data sources.

The transition to Google Cloud revolutionised the organisation in just a few months. Google Cloud provided visibility into every stage of the mail delivery process, enabling faster decision-making. As a result, analytics were delivered 10x faster, flow blockages identified over 300x faster, and overall customer satisfaction improved.

The integration of near real-time network devices and SAP EMS into Google Cloud spurred innovations across digital lodgement, tracking, and customer service products, thanks to high availability, low-to-no data latency, and exponentially enriched data for product engineering and customer service teams.

"Operation managers can now see what’s happening in sorting facilities in real time, helping to identify flow blockages almost instantly. Previously, these types of insights would only be available at the end of the day, but now they’re delivered within 15 seconds — that’s 300 times faster."

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