Customer Identity & Access Reengineering


Delivering exceptional customer experiences is critical for organisations seeking to establish and sustain a competitive edge. A significant impediment to delivering an exceptional customer experience is restrictive access to digital products and services and friction when accessing different products across the same organisation.

Our client, one of Australia’s top parcel delivery and logistics organisations, was experiencing revenue loss, declining customer satisfaction and reputational risks resulting from the degrading performance of an outdated and complex legacy Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform. The platform was unable to accommodate increasing demand due to COVID-19, was prone to outages due to ageing infrastructure, and maintaining and supporting the current technology was rapidly becoming cost prohibitive.


Partnering with Identity technology vendors, third party IAM specialists, client-side architecture, access management, security, and product engineering teams, our UnicornX Specialist Consultant designed and managed a programme of works to reengineer, modernise, simplify and seamlessly migrate the client’s CIAM platform from on-premise to an OAuth2.0 cloud based platform.

The programme delivered feasibility business cases and conducted an extensive strategic procurement process to identify suitable identity providers and executed RRP/RFQ and Proof of Concepts on shortlisted products. The decision was made to migrate all customer identity management to Auth0. 

The programme then established a series of Agile delivery Epics to build out the platform, migrate users and Agency / Subsidiary accounts, and reengineer the client’s entire digital product suite’s Authentication and Identity management to Auth0.


The solution included the following;

  • Reengineered Enterprise Identity and Access Management Architecture.
  • Auth0 PaaS and SaaS cloud deployment.
  • OAuth2.0 CIAM and Machine-to-Machine patterns and token management protocols.
  • Reengineering of critical APIs to consume Auth0 services
  • Transparent migration of over 11 million customer credentials and 1,800 Agency accounts from legacy CIAM to Auth0.
  • Reengineering the client’s entire digital product suite’s CIAM processes to Auth0.
  • Decommissioning of legacy infrastructure and ITSM processes.
  • Operational cost management, Service Management process and management reporting.


As a result of reengineering to Auth0, outages reduced outages by 98%. 

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