Embedding a data driven culture


Being able to meet data management and compliance requirements in a highly regulated industry can be resource intensive and extremely challenging.

One of Australia’s leading wealth managers and an ASX Top 200 company, had recently undergone a number of mergers and acquisitions, which resulted in a significant legacy of un-curated data, low data literacy across the new organisation, and no cohesive data governance framework in place to meet newly legislated data management compliance and reporting requirements.


Partnering with technology vendors, third party consultants, client's data management experts, and strategic procurement leads, our Senior UnicornX consultant designed and led a programme of works to identify, build and deploy a holistic data management platform which supported the client's data governance goals of improved data literacy, secure data access, consolidated data management, stewardship, quality and governance capabilities.

Roadmap for data-driven transformation
  • Provided thought leadership and best practice guidance on the product selection process and technology alignment assessments
  • Conducted market scans of data management products, capabilities and service offerings
  • Conducted a detailed assessment of shortlisted products against the client’s requirements
  • Provided a detailed assessment and product recommendation report for strategic procurement
  • Delivered a business case and plan to implement and operationalise the chosen technology
  • Provided best practice guidance and design support for the development of data literacy and data governance frameworks.
  • Established a roadmap to becoming a data-driven organisation


Our client was able to make a fully informed decision regarding the appropriate tools to support their data management and operational requirements.

The technology supported both business and technical domain requirements and allowed our client to design and build a modern data governance and literacy framework.

The technology enabled the organisation to embark on a data-driven transformation by delivering;

  • Data literacy, ownership and quality across the organisation
  • Time and cost savings related to delivering quality trusted analytics
  • Strategic and collaborative data-based decision making
  • Accuracy and speed in assessing both technical and business change impacts
  • Identification and prioritisation of product development opportunities
  • Improved Customer Experience and engagement by tailoring solutions to customer's expectations and needs

Streamlined and automated regulatory compliance assessments and reporting.

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